From: Winson Yeung

Dear Webmaster,

My name is Winson Yeung and I spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars studying Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and discovering exactly what backlinks the search engines are looking for.

Finally I got it. I now know exactly what backlinks can propel your sites up the search engine rankings.

And that's not all...

Using my resources and knowledge, we've personally trained and built an SEO team to manually handle the entire process of building these high quality backlinks to your sites.

As an owner of a website you'll know it doesn't matter how well your page converts, how nice it looks or how long it took you to make it if you don't get any traffic.

I'd rather have SEO systems in place that bring thousands of laser targeted visitors to my website and have a crap looking site then have a website that is amazingly colourful and interactive but get 1 hit a day.

Now, I know SEO is confusing... and Google are always changing it so it's hard to keep up, but that's why I'm here to help. I've been doing offering SEO services for over 3 years now, and I KNOW what Google want.

"My Website Is Ranked #1 For Multiple Keywords,
Among Millions of Results Returned!"

My service takes you from a dead website with a trickle of traffic to a website overflowing with targeted traffic straight from Google that will convert into buyers due to the fact the keywords are so targeted. This package is great for everyone!

Mr. Yeung,

It has truly been a please working with your company. What I would like other perspective clients to know is.... Your company offers EXACTLY what you say it does. My business increased dramatically from the first time I signed up with you. I have been struggling for several years in a very competitive market and your company has been key to my success. I now do business with your Monthly Automation Service and my success continues to grow and I stay on top do to your monthly attention. It is so hands off that sometimes I forget that you are behind the scenes keeping me competitive. My ranking has continued to increase do to your backlinks service, no slap down from search engines here!!!! I was really worried about that when looking into creating backlinks. A friend and associate referred you to me and I am soooo thankful.

Thanks again for the awesome work!

- Jodi Cabena

This is the first time I have used Back Links Automation and I am delighted with the professional service and excellent results for my website. One of my target keywords has already moved from position 7 to position 4 in the first month and I look forward to working on getting more of my keywords on to the top of the first page of Google. The reporting is very transparent and I know exactly where my money is being invested so I can continuously track the ROI and ensure that every dollar spent is accounted for.

- David Knockton

Updated after 3 months

I have been using for just over 3 months and all of my main target keywords have seen increased rankings for

It's a great, hassle free and ethical way of building high quality back links and I thoroughly recommend it.

- David Knockton

What BacklinksAutomation Does

In real simple terms, BacklinksAutomation merely gives Google what they want, and gives you what you want and need to build profitable and sustainable sites right now.

Google Gets What They Want...

Steady Backlink Growth
Having hundreds of backlinks built to your sites all at once is the surest way to rise the red flag and get your site sandboxed by Google, especially if your site is relatively new (less than 3 months)

What Google wants is a steady increase in the backlinks pointing to your sites over a period of time.

Our service delivers does exactly that. We will build 60 unique backlinks from different domains to 5 of your websites each month to mimic natural growth in popularity of your site.

Dofollow Incoming Links
You probably already know that dofollow links are getting rarer by the minute.

With that said, we do not just get backlinks from any sites - We only collect and build dofollow links to your sites to make sure that every single backlink counts, so you get the most out of your investment.

Incoming Links From Authority Sites With High Google PageRank
Google wants to see high Pagerank authority sites linking to you because they believe that it is an indication of how popular and authoritative your site is.

So the more sites with higher Pagerank linking to your site, the higher the popularity of your site in Google's eyes. And the higher the popularity of your site, the better your search engine rankings will be.

And in our backlinking service, we are not even talking about incoming links with only Pagerank 2 or 3. We're talking about building HIGH authority backlinks with Pagerank 4 and above.

Backlinks from Different IP Address
If you have them all on the same IP address - Google will punish you!

You Get What You Want...

Complete Automation
It only takes you less than 15 minutes to get started with our 'set and forget' system and once that's done, our SEO Team will take over from there. All you're left to do is to enjoy the benefits that will come after having better search engine rankings.

This frees you hours of time that you can now use to focus on building more websites or driving more traffic through other methods like article submission.

60 Unique Backlinks to 5 Of Your Websites
If you have only 3 websites or lesser and you plan to keep it that way, this will not affect you. But what if you're like me and you plan to make lots of money from different niches and you want to have more than 3 websites and/or blogs?

Other similar SEO services will only allow a maximum of 3 websites per account and to build backlinks to additional sites will cost you even more.

After speaking to our clients and realizing that most of them have more than 3 websites, we are now offering our clients the best R.O.I by building them backlinks to a maximum of 5 of their websites.

No Setup/Installation of Scripts on Your Site
You run absolutely zero risk because with our service, you don't have to install unknown scripts that might compromise the security of your hosting account or websites.

It Only Takes 15 Minutes To Get Started

Our backlinking service is designed to be a 'set and forget' service. There are only 3 steps improve your search engine rankings.

Step #1: Login to the membership area
Step #2: Go to "Enter Submission Details" and fill up the fields
Step #3: Submit the form

Trust me, the process can't get any simpler. You send in your submission details and our staff will take over the rest of the link building process to improve search engine ranking and increase web traffic to your sites.


I would just like to tell me how happy l am with Winson's monthly backlink program. I have only been online with this website ( had others) for 5 or 6 months.

I am in one of the most competitive markets online being discount travel and l have 3 or 4 different keywords ranking in the top ten pages sitting around page 5 and closing.

I believe l know l have put in hard yards and my share of submissions and all the rest but there is no doubt this backlinking has brought the site to the fore. You can't go wrong by throwing in the monthly submissions program to get you where you want to be. I also do larger orders l am so impressed. But give it a go today sit back and most importantly be patient Google never move in a hurry. A week a go or so those keywords l mentioned had my site on page one for a few days while Google do the Google Dance with you trying to fugure out where you fit in at this point. The other thing l don't have a flash looking site just good blog and good link building with hub pages Squidoo and those million other social sites. Get over to Winsons today and wake up with a smile l did to make the top 10 in such a short amont of time with the hardest market out there its a good feeling.


- David Lynch

Hi Winson,

After Using 2 other SEO companies we were still not getting the results we were constantly promised, after speaking to Winson Yeung we decided that the impression, honesty and professionalism that the company gave us made us want to try them.

We hoped that they could do what they said they could do and after a few weeks things started to improve gradually but now after only 3 weeks we are featuring on the first page on Google, Yahoo and Bing for nearly all our key phrases.

This is down to the hard work and experience that Winson and the team bring to the table. We are very impressed with the service we have received and have a great relationship with the staff. We are always kept up to date with SEO improvements and look forward to future domination in our search category using BacklinksAutomation

- David Strickland

Hi Winson,

I have been in the Internet Marketing Scene for more than 3 years now and have been into heavy article marketing and social bookmarking to get my backlinks. These backlinks strategies works but takes too long to rank fast and high. For some of the competitive keywords, it took me almost 1-2 years before I started to rank in the first 3 pages of Google just by using the above 2 methods.

Then I stumble onto your backlinking service and with all the good recommendation given in the famous Warrior Forum, I decided to give it a try. Wow, BAM!!! Just after a week into your service, 2 of the highly competitive keywords(I am saying really competitive keywords of more than 1 million visitors per month) I targeted increase by about 7-8 positions in Google. Though I am now on only the 3rd and 4th page of Google, I am already seeing a significant improvement in the ranking in such a short time for these very 2 competitive keywords.

This is down to the hard work and experience that Winson and the team bring to the table. We are very impressed with the service we have received and have a great relationship with the staff. We are always kept up to date with SEO improvements and look forward to future domination in our search category using BacklinksAutomation

This will never be possible if I only use article marketing and social bookmarking alone as the backlinking strategy. Your backlinking service definitely ROCKS in moving my ranking position up so fast within such a short period of time.

On top of your backlinking system that works really well, I also give you the thumbs up for your great personal support you gave to me and great advices you provide with your tremendous backlinking knowledge you have and shared with me. With such a good customer support that you have, now you have another additional loyal customer to your list. Great work Winson, keep up the good work and get me rank higher !!!

- Alan Lim

Thanks Winson

Backlink Automation is the simplest WORKING solution I have found for increasing traffic through higher rankings.

Proof is in the results, for one site I promoted in January my ranking jumped 4 places on Google & Traffic & Earnings doubled.

The ranking held for 3 months then fell back as did the traffic :(

I added that domain back into my Backlink order & within days the site ranking & traffic returned. Proof positive for me that this is one membership to hang on to.

Giving me the heads up on a bad url & consistently over delivering with quality additional links is very much appreciated & makes me a very happy member of Backlinks Automation

Kind Regards

- Simon Cave

I am now onto my 3rd or 4th (I lost track) Backlink order with Winson and I have to say that not only does his SEO optimization service work but his customer service is also top notch (I will explain..)

Firstly the backlink packages - Winson has managed to get me onto Page 1 of Google for 2 of my most competitive keywords - keywords that I had not marketed before and did not even show up on the Google searches for before - this way I was able to prove 100% if his seo optimization service works...


Secondly, the customer service - I mixed up one of my orders and gave him URL's that did not even exist - I did not notice this until I received my submission report - now it was my fault so I was thinking I had thrown my money down the drain but Winson very kindly offered me the submission out of his own pocket.

Now, that is what I call putting the customer first - but clever him, he now has a very faithful client who will put more business his way as I like his honest approach.

Anyway if you are thinking about it - as long as you do a bit of SEO keywords research first then you should go for doubt.

60 High Quality Backlinks Created from

Domain Page Rank 4 and Above
100% Do Follow which Passes Google Juice
Different IP Address (Geographic Diversification)
One-Way Backlink
Up to 5 Websites per order (60 X 5 = 300 Backlinks Total)

Detailed monthly Submission Report which includes details like Account Details, Domain Page Rank, and Live Links

We will build backlinks to your backlinks to make them more powerful.

- Your 60 X 5 Backlinks from BacklinksAutomation

- Create RSS Feeds which contain all the live links, Ping them and Meta Indexing to over 31,000+ sites

- Building Massive Backlinks to your backlinks using Web 2.0 Blogs, Micro Blogs and Personal Blog Network.

The whole thing is SIMPLE... it will take less then 15 minutes to get going and it's as simple as 1.2.3 steps, no hard work needed from you at all!

Now - we normally charge $197 per campaign - but we have decided that for a limited time we are going to give you the opportunity to obtain one of these packages for just $67!

$67 to change up to 5 of your dead websites to traffic sucking, profit creating gold mines... that's the potential of less then $15 per site for a full blown SEO campaign... we must be mad!

Click the buy button below before we regain our insanity when we start getting overrun with orders and have to close the offer!

You're website deserves it!

"What Are You Waiting For? Sign Up Now!"

P.S. All our campaigns are 100% white hat - you don't need to worry about Google sending you penalties for using our service, which we can't say about some of our competitors who have all kinds of shady tactics to make it seem like you're getting a good deal.

"Over 128 Marketers And Success Stories CANNOT Be Wrong!"

This is not our first time offering our link building service. You've read the testimonials and saw the excellent results we helped our clients achieve.

And the best part is, you can be our next success story today.

Let me ask you a question...

How much are more sales worth to you?

And when you sign up, you're not only getting extra traffic and sales... You're also getting 60 unique backlinks per month, to each of your 5 websites - meaning you are getting a total of 300 backlinks in a month.

Considering the value and the peace of mind you will get when you sign up, we would offer this service to you at $197/month to be fair...

But since you've taken your time off to read this, and we want to build our reputation by helping as many marketers as possible, we're going to offer this at only $67/month (Only for the next 50 13 seats!)

I would like the number to be slashed for the $197. Only $67/month.

"What Are You Waiting For? Sign Up Now!"

But this is a Fast-Movers special price and it is only good if you sign up before the next 50 13 seats are taken up. If you miss out on this offer, don't ask me for $67/month, it's going to be higher!

Hi Winson,

Thank you so much for your services! It was incredibly easy to set up, the whole process took about 5 minutes! You and your staff have been so helpful and professional. I just got my list of backlinks and you guys really kept your word, the pageranks of the backlinks were all really high. I can't wait to see the results and watch my websites rank go up!

Thanks again!

- Angie Parbs

If you want to improve the listing position of your web site, Backlinks Automation is without a doubt one of the most cost effective services to secure. Following the required instructions, over time the position of your site will improve.

- Damian (The Umbrella Man)

I like Winson's backlinks building service, as its fast, efficient and effortless on my part. The work was done in less than 2 weeks, I am getting more traffic already and its only been one day! Will keep trying this out to see but the results look impressive!

- Marion Clarke


I'm so impressed! I just got my first report from Winson, and I realize how much time I've saved by using Backlinks Automation. I now have so many links from high page rank sites that would have taken me hours to find and establish on my own.

You really can't go wrong with Backlinks Automation, no matter what kind of website you need to advertise. I've been leery of some advertising services because they're geared to Internet marketing, whereas I'm selling physical products. This works for everyone!

- Mary Frumkin

I absolutely LOVE backlinks automation! The high-PR sites you guys use are fantastic, plus the backlinks report each month is like getting a free backlinks packet...

Honestly, you are the best outsourcer I have ever worked with (I've seen some BAD ones)! Your backlinks service is as close to set it and forget it as it gets :)

- Mike Burngasser
And 20+ Affiliate sites to manage...

I have tried manual back link services which did gain my site positive listings but after a while it became a chore and very time consuming. The automated service is idiot proof ! I simply select a phrase and a URL then wait for the report. By using the automated service guaratees the links are done and pinged every month.


- Paul_Thompson

I have tried manual back link services which did gain my site positive listings but after a while it became a chore and very time consuming. The automated service is idiot proof ! I simply select a phrase and a URL then wait for the report. By using the automated service guaratees the links are done and pinged every month.


- Andy Thorne

Sales Director

Hi Winson,

Thanks for your NOV report and here's my testimonial :

I received my monthly submission report in less than 7 days and I am extremely happy with the efficiency and professionalism of his link submission service. His contact with me throughout this very short time frame was timely and professional, with such a low monthly fee that everybody can afford. I'll definitely be using his service for all my sites !

- Joshua Tree

a full-time currency trader

Hi Winson,

Thanks for getting the backlinks organized for me so quickly. If I knew it was this easy I would have done it months ago.


- Bronwyn

Hi Winson,

I have just logged on and after just a few hours of you completing my backlinks work my site has jumped 2 spaces on the google front page for my keywords. It took me 5 days and hours of work to move it one place!! Your customer service is excellent and I will recommend you to anyone.

Good job, great value for money

Thanks again

- Dale Watts

I have been busting my derriere for the last 3 years trying to get backlinks to my Longevity Mountain Herbs pages. I thought I was doing very good with over 50,000+ links. Still I wasn't getting ahead of my competition to the degree I needed or expected. These links turned out to be from a bunch of #1 PR or unranked pages. All that work of writing articles, auto-posting/posting to blogs, article directories, etc. are worthless. Now since learning what drives real ranking - linking to sites with PR 4+ via Winson Yeung's "Backlinks Automation", I look forward to realizing my dreams. Its just a matter of time, now!

- Mark Hammer CMH

Longevity Mountain
18091 Upper Bay Rd. #27
Nassau Bay, TX. 77058

This service is so fast and inexpensive I can hardly believe it!

I order some big name link packets and do believe they help keep me on the front page of Google. Before Winson's service I had to hire and train someone to input the links packs for me. It seemed to take them most of the day even using roboform.

Did I mention -This is so fast and inexpensive I can hardly believe it!

I put my order in one afternoon and by the next afternoon the links were competed!

This service is a must to get some good solid links on a continuous basis.

Thanks Winson

I am glad you had an opening in this service for me.

- Ken Henry Insurance agency

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Because we pay our SEO team to manually build every single one of the backlinks to your websites (that's right, we do it all by hand)... we cannot offer any refunds.

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